TLF Indoor Play

Indoor play is an exceptional tool for helping stimulate imagination and creativity, visual sensory development and spacial perception. TLF empowers children of all ages to lead an active lifestyle and it’s now time for the little ones. We are serious about fun but safety is our priority.
Active supervision of your child/ children is required at all times whilst in our space. A staff member will be on hand if needed and will engage in activity and assist when required. Parents- organise a play date and come let the babes run a muck, explore and PLAY. We are excited for this new little venture that is launching at our Indoor Base in Merimbula.
Location- Shop 6-9/ 49 Market St,Merimbula above Rockmans. Entry via side lane way door and exit to front door onto Market Street. Car parking available at Palmer St Car park. BYO socks for each child and their water bottle.
Session duration- 45 minutes
Cost- $15 for 1st child, and 2nd or more child/children (must be a sibling) $7.50
To check session times- Click this link below and find TLF Indoor Play.
To book in, click this link, find appropriate session time and day- Book and or sign up to our booking system. Next go to store, and packages and purchase an indoor play entry for 1st child, and 2nd sibling entry if needed. Once session is purchased please go back and book in directly for the day/time you prefer. Remember socks for yourself and your child/children.


 Medical screening form - Please print and bring along to your first session