What are we all about?

Improving your health and fitness is an investment in yourself that you will ever regret...


Group Fitness Training

Group fitness is a fun and action packed way to get fit, lose weight, tone your body, gain strength and improve co-ordination all at the same time. Best of all you get to meet amazing people who have similar interests along the way. Tarryn Lucas Group Fitness has an exciting blend of activities and classes that are never the same. They are all designed to challenge and transform your body. Some activities that are included in our sessions include Cardio Drills, such as hills and stairs, Team Challenges, Bodyweight and Body Strength Exercises, Obstacle and Agility Courses, Running and Sprints, Weight Circuits, Abdominal and Core Strengthening and much, much more. Being fully accredited means Tarryn and her team can offer you the best, structured professional workout which is carefully tailored to your needs for maximum work rate and fast results. Why not come along to one of our group fitness sessions for a FREE class. Group fitness also includes sporting teams, Tarryn Lucas Fitness attends regular training sessions with numerous teams of various ages in the area providing professionally structured programs and sessions. **Please note the group session FREE class is for anyone living within a 30km radius of Merimbula, Tathra and Eden and is for those who have not attended any TLF sessions before.

Personal Training

Personal Training Programs are for everyone regardless of age and fitness level and is a more tailored approach to help you achieve your goal. With various training locations and programs, no session is ever the same. We believe that fitness is the best way to stimulate your body and mind, leaving you feeling revitalised. Sessions focus on improving your fitness levels and can include cardio, strength and abdominal core activities. All Tarryn Lucas Fitness programs are professionally structured and are aimed to help you reach your individual goals. Another option that is available is a scheduled PT session along side a friend. Organising this with a friend holds you both accountable for getting your workout done, it will not only motivate you to exercise but encourage you both to have a love for fitness together and best of all split the cost.

Reformer Pilates

The Pilates reformer is a traditional piece of Pilates equipment which looks like a bed with springs, a sliding carriage, ropes and pulleys. The origins of the Pilates reformer date back to the original Pilates studio in New York in the 1920's . Our sessions centre around the reformer machines to build long, strong muscles. . Designed specifically to build on your muscle strength and endurance, the reformer also provides the ultimate comfort for rehabilitation exercises. With a slightly higher carriage height, it’s great for easy access for injured and mobility-challenged people. The reformer also helps: * improve joint stability, * increase core strength, * improve safely the mobility and flexibility of muscles and; * improve body and proprioceptive awareness, * Improve balance. . Contact us to secure a spot or to find out more info.

Children's Fitness

Dynamite Kids Fitness is run outdoors and aimed at empowering Children to have an active healthy lifestyle. Our trainers are fully accredited Dynamite Children’s Fitness instructor's having completed a Certificate in Outdoor Fitness for Children through Motivate to train, Boot camp Alliance and a Certificate in Fitness and Nutrition for Children through the Fitness Institute of Australia. Children’s Fitness classes focus on offering a wide variety game based and choreographed activities through Movement Patterns, Co-ordination, Speed, Balance and Agility. Dynamite Fitness also offer Children's Fitness Parties and School holiday programs. Through movement patterns, Co-ordination, Balance and Agility. We also offer personal training for this age group. Our main focus is educate children to participate and have an active healthy lifestyle through playing a variety of games. We also incorporate some choreography into our workouts using certain steps and moves as we believe that repetition works well for children's education and learning. Dynamite Fitness is also actively involved in the training of numerous children's sporting teams in the area. We have programs for 3-17 years.

NDIS- National Disability Insurance Scheme

Tarryn Lucas Fitness has a team of professionals that are committed to safe and supportive exercise for community members who have a disability or chronic illness. Our team are all qualified with Certificate III and IV in Fitness, have WWCC and have undertaken the exercise for specific populations modules as set out in our qualifications and have their service NSW worker NDIS checks. We can help people who are living with Depression, Anxiety, Autism, Physical Disabilities and limitations. Now with the implementation of the NDIS, we have been able to help those who may be suffering and not have the personal drive and motivation to attend our fitness programs or to understand what specific exercise would benefit them. We have also recently launched our Activity Assist program- Activity assist offers support to individuals with a disability and their families. Providing community assistance, social participation and personalised programs. Branched under Tarryn Lucas Fitness we are registered providers on the NDIS and service the Merimbula, Bega, Tathra, Eden, Pambula and surrounding areas. Participants undertake a varied number of care solutions including but not limited to day trips, recreational activities, community support, education and training assistance, transport and overnight short term accommodation stays plus much more. Our service is personalised to each individual ensuring needs and expectations are met to the highest of standards. Contact us today to organise a specific activity through activity assist and or to improve your health and fitness

TLF Indoor Play

Indoor play is an exceptional tool for helping stimulate imagination and creativity, visual sensory development and spacial perception. TLF empowers children of all ages to lead an active lifestyle and it’s now time for the little ones. We are serious about fun but safety is our priority. Active supervision of your child/ children is required at all times whilst in our space. A staff member will be on hand if needed and will engage in activity and assist when required. Parents- organise a play date and come let the babes run a muck, explore and PLAY. We are excited for this new little venture that is launching at our Indoor Base in Merimbula. Location- Shop 6-9/ 49 Market St,Merimbula above Rockmans. Entry via side lane way door and exit to front door onto Market Street. Car parking available at Palmer St Car park. BYO socks for each child and their water bottle. Session duration- 45 minutes Cost- $15 for 1st child, and 2nd or more child/children (must be a sibling) $7.50 To check session times- Click this link below and find TLF Indoor Play. Sessions are usually Monday and Thursdays 10.45am but sometimes we slot other time slots in. ......... To book in, click this link, find appropriate session time and day- Book and or sign up to our booking system by clicking our timetable. Next go to store, and packages and purchase an indoor play entry for 1st child, and 2nd sibling entry if needed. Once session is purchased please go back and book in directly for the day/time you prefer. Remember socks for yourself and your child/children.

What clients say about us?


Outdoor Exercise by the beach combined with a trainers that motivates and challenges you is a great start the day. I have been attending Tarryn’s group fitness classes for 1 year now and really enjoy the functional style of training. TLF caters to all fitness levels making the group fitness classes fantastic for anyone to come along and start the day with a healthy burst of fitness.



Being an exercise lover, i love the gym and exercise- so I attended one of Friday morning bootcamps in Merimbula for the first time. The bootcamp was great and challenging, i walked away feeling like id had a workout which is what i need when i exercise - satisfaction! You get to see the beautiful scenery of Spencer Park and the 6.15am class gives you plenty of time to get ready for work. Great location! Thanks TLF looking forward to more.



I really enjoy being trained by the local business Tarryn Lucas Fitness. They are excellent motivator's and know how hard to push you. I have great results so far and highly recommend Tarryn Lucas Fitness to anyone looking to get fit, achieve results and most importantly- Have fun!


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