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Our mission is to provide you with THE ultimate fitness experience- this is why we have many payment options available for you. We understand things happen in life and plans can change. We offer easy to understand, flexible packages and  memberships. Our promise to you is that all our fitness sessions are suitable for all levels of fitness beginner to advanced.



Personal Training Programs are for everyone regardless of age and fitness level and is a more tailored approach to help you achieve your goal. With various training locations and programs, no session is ever the same we can offer you the best professional structured workout for your needs.

Personal Training costs start at $70.00 per session but please contact us for further information so we can best assist you with your individual training goals.


Casual - Drop in

Local or Visitor we would love to have you Drop in

    • $17 per casual session and can be purchased directly through our booking app. 

Click here to sign up to our booking system and purchase via the store section


Session packs

Session packs are available in 6 or 12 packs. Click here to purchase

  • 6 session packs are $84 and valid 6 weeks from date of purchase
  • 12 session packs are $168 and valid for 12 weeks from date of purchase
  • Senior/Student Pack 10 session packs are $130 and are valid for 12 weeks from To be eligible for this; Senior rate is over 65 yrs and Student rate, Any student whom attends high school plus 16 yrs of age, plus first year out of local high school or studying full time at a local Tafe or University.

(Please note we are also active kids registered providers which means you can use your $100 active kids voucher for a senior/ student session pack)

Click here to sign up to our booking system and purchase via the store section


Please contact Tarryn directly to set these any of these options up

  • Option 1- $28 p/w (2 sessions)
Any 2x regular sessions indoors or outdoors. Excludes blocks, pop ups, pilates and yoga


  • Option 2- $35 p/w (Unlimited)

Includes; Unlimited Group Fitness 7 days Indoor and or Outdoor, Unsupervised Base training trading hours access and access to the TLF Virtual online platform of stored workouts. Includes Pilates and Yoga.  

  • Pilates and Yoga Sessions

Casual Session $18.00

10 session pack $150.00 (Expiry 12 weeks)

    • TLF Virtual Membership $25 per wk  We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you something unique. Your convenience is our priority when it comes to health and wellbeing- This is a private group of current active members with over 200 stored workouts.

  • Do you want to train with TLF but from the privacy of your own home or do you live away and don't currently hold a membership option with us? Contact us today and we can advise you of this NEW private group membership option should you wish to workout with these sessions online. This is the perfect option for you.

    This new element of training- where you will get to see your TLF trainers, instructing you, using their verbal keys, exactly how they usually would during a group fitness session at Tarryn Lucas Fitness. Minimal equipment needed, some workouts won't need any at all- pumped with tunes, voice over and instructions with our voices with Level one, two or three demonstrated so suitable for all levels of fitness. 
      • TLF Indoor Play 

    First Child $15.00

    Second Sibling $7.50

    Under 6 months free
    We are passionate about keeping you positive, motivated, healthy, active and of course happy!


      When establishing a payment account with us for the first time as a new client, there is a $2.20 once off admin fee which will be added to your first purchase with Tarryn Lucas Fitness via PT Minder.  Bank account details are free of any transaction fees and credit cards will incur a 1.99% of the total purchase price.


      Please note memberships can be placed on hold due to holidays given the correct amount of notice in writing is given. Memberships will only be placed on hold due to injury/illness if a medical certificate is provided. All this is to be done via email requesting a form via




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