+  I have been training with Tarryn for over a year now and am continually challenged and motivated by her workouts. Tarryn displays a professional level of care and consideration that extends beyond her training sessions.  Training with Tarryn is a great way to get fit and stay that way
- A.M (Group Fitness)


I'm amongst the oldest in the group sessions I've done with Tarryn - which are fantastic. But today I had my first Metafit session (still the oldest lol) and absolutely loved it. Full on and intense, but short and sharp and leaves you feeling alive and ready to take on the day. Tarryn is a true professional in every aspect of her business - great communication, very tuned in to each and every one in the group so you know what you can do but feel like pushing yourself just that little bit more.  I've watched her take time with people who have had injuries or niggling problems - she knows her stuff and I know I'm in good hands. You are never too old to do this - and you will not regret it. Well worth every cent - and every little drop of sweat! J.R

I have been absolutely amazed by this inspirational young woman. Tarryn is so dedicated to helping  each and every one of her clients, she is constantly changing up her program's to keep us all interest and intrigued . This has been such a great way to make new friendships , we all keep each other motivated and have a great time along the way. Many laughs are had and at times you even forget that you're  exercising.  Tarryn makes every one feel welcome and I couldn't think of any reason not try her training session's, I am so thankful for Tarryn as I feel like I am apart of something big.

- D.M ( Group Fitness )


 +  I really enjoy being trained by Tarryn Lucas. She is an excellent motivator and knows how hard to push me. I have great results so far and highly recommend Tarryn to anyone looking to get fit, achieve results and have fun!
- R.L (PT Client)


+  Tarryn Lucas group fitness sessions are a great way to enjoy exercising in a group setting. I have been attending Tarryn's group training sessions weekly for the past 3 months and every session has been different and includes a variety of exercises. The group sessions are an inclusive and friendly environment and are something I look forward to each week. From attending Tarryn's group fitness sessions I have noticed a great improvement in my strength and fitness, I am now even able to jog a greater distance than before. Tarryn is a motivated trainer and dedicated to all her clients health and well being. All in all Tarryn's group fitness sessions are a great start to the morning and a great way to keep in shape.
- E.C (Group Fitness) 


+  I've started Tarryn's class a couple of months ago and try to be there as often as possible. She always makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable and encourages us to improve our own personal abilities and strengths. I love the way she challenges us and combines the cardio with a fantastic body workout! Its the best way to start a day with a lovely group , sunrise exercise and a fantastic trainer!
- V.S (Group Fitness)


+  Outdoor Exercise by the beach combined with a trainer that motivates and challenges you is a great start the day. I have been attending Tarryn’s group fitness classes for 1 year now and really enjoy her style of training. Tarryn caters to all fitness levels making her group fitness classes fantastic for anyone to come along and start the day with a healthy burst of fitness.
- L.B (Group Fitness)


+ Being an exercise lover, i love the gym and exercise- so I attended one of Tarryn's Friday morning bootcamps in Merimbula for the first time. The bootcamp was great and challenging, i walked away feeling like id had a workout which is what i need when i exercise - satisfaction! I especially love the bootcamp being at 7.00am - not to early, you get to see the beautiful scenery of main beach and gives you plenty of time to get ready for work. Great location! Thanks Tarryn, looking forward to more.
- K.W (Group Fitness)


+  Tarryn is like the Lorna Jane of Merimbula. She is so highly motivated, positive and inspiring to all her clients. She really walks her talk.  Going to her workouts your never know what to expect, as she's constanlty learning new things in order to keep us challenged and motivated.
- T.L  ( Group Fitness ) 



Before & After:


 Below is Julia's story:

 I have always been a yoyo dieter and always had weight issues. I started my weight lose journey in August 2013 when I started the 12wbt.  I gave it a go with my major goal in mind - my wedding in March 2015!  It was hard to stick to but I managed to loose 8 kilos, this was a huge achievement for me so I signed up for another round.  Thats when it all fell apart, I didn't train at all and didnt eat right and will only now admit it but gained the whole 8 kilos back! I felt beat and like I let myself down.  I was back in a size 20 -22 and worried my health was suffering. I didnt know who to turn to for help.

 A friend had recommended Bootcamp sessions with Tarryn Lucas Fitness.  I was very nervous but thought id better do something now or it will never happen! I met with Tarryn and discussed my goals, I was very nervous but knew I was in the right hands.  

I started training with Tarryn in March 2014 with 1 year until the wedding.  Early morning bootcamps were hard but I started feeling really good during the day and noticed my clothes were getting too big! What a lovely feeling getting rid of those size 20-22 clothes. Soon after followed size 18, then 16 and then finally size 14. 

I cannot believe that a year on i can proudly say I can fit into a size 12, I never thought id live to see the day!  I would not have been able to do it without Tarryn, her training was hard but all worth it!  I have gained not only my confidence, but a great friend!  Tarryns support has been absolutely fantastic! I have gained so many new friends at bootcamp, everyone is so positive and supportive.  

Thank you not only to Tarryn for your amazing guidance, motivation and persistence with my weight lose goal but also a huge thank you to Tarryns awesome clients! Thank you for putting up with my f-bombs and mental breakdowns,  I look forward to training with you all in the future!  If you are thinking of starting your weight loss journey I highly recommend Tarryn Lucas Fitness!!