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Improving your health and fitness is an investment in yourself that you will ever regret. Tarryn Lucas Fitness offer's both indoor and outdoor fitness for children and adults in Merimbula, Tathra and Eden and are also registered providers on the NDIS. If you are here on holidays, we would love to show you what we offer. Casual passes and session packs are available via the timetable/ booking section.

Being fully qualified means we have the knowledge and experience to assist you and your family with your exercise needs. We have team of professional trainers who all showcase their expertise through a wide variety of different sessions that cater for all levels of fitness. We are all about community. We are catering, caring and compassionate and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We really love what we do. It’s a matter of giving and supporting. It's not about us, it's about our clients and creating that relationship so they keep on coming back

All our fitness sessions are a fun, action packed way to gain confidence, increase your fitness and meet like minded people all at the same time.

 Being fully accredited means that we can offer you the best tailored workout catering for all your needs.  Personal training programs are also available and are a more tailored approach for you to achieve your goals. 

Another program we run is called Dynamite Fitness. It's aimed at getting kids healthy and active from a young age. We teach them the fundamentals of exercise and how they can implement it into their daily lives. We are registered active kids providers and are also registered on the NDIS.

As dedicated trainers, we feel the more people who understand the importance of exercise the better it will be for everyone.