Are you ready for Take off? 

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Want to be the best you can be?

Does this sound like something you WANT?


If you answered yes to at least one of the questions above then its time to TAKEOFF with TLF.

What do you need to Take off in your life?

Do you want to take off that weight on your shoulders by eliminating some stress?

Take off some extra weight?

Take away that feeling of feeling of being unmotivated, sluggish and sleepy?

Well this is the challenge for YOU!



8 weeks from now, do you want to feel the SAME as you feel right now?

Or do you want a proven plan with built-in accountability to help you Take off into 2021 and be proud of yourself for how you look and feel??!

You are worth it!
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If you are READY to make a real change in your life and experience all of this and more- there is no better time that now.


Here is what you will receive..

*Step-by-step meal plans and 8 weeks worth of recipes  (RRP- $247)

*A Start and Finish consultation that includes measurements  (RRP $120)

*Unlimited Group Fitness Classes and Unlimited access to our indoor training BASE to fit in workouts at a time that suits you (RRP $272)

* Online Unlimited Access to over 120 pre recorded workouts (RRP $200)

*Endless motivation and 24/7 support to keep you on track and feeling fabulous (Priceless)

*A 12 page workout booklet, jam packed with the Tarryn Lucas Fitness Top 10 workouts of all time (RRP $120)

 *** BONUS you will get a new sense on life to conquer anything that 20 21 decides to throw at us all.

Over $900 worth of value!!



We have done all the hard work for you - 

• All you need to do is prepare yourself to be successful on your TAKE OFF journey! 

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