It's Australia's ORIGINAL and has become know as one of The Worlds Best Challenges for the simple fact that gets you lean, re-set and re-focused mentally to have you feeling, looking and performing at your absolute best all whilst connecting and surrounding you with other like minded champions all working towards being healthier both in the gym and in life.

We are both proud & excited to bring you The TLF 30-Day Challenge By World Champion and one of Australias Top Transformational Change Specialists David Pow Tabain to ramp up your results in 2017.


The 30-Day Program was created by World Champion & International Transformational Specialist Dave Pow Tabain he has transformed thousands of Lives Internationally with his no-nosence approach and his ability to motivate, teach and inspire people to make a change for the better.

This month long challenge will have you dropping un-wanted body fat, transforming your body shape literally feeling at the top of your game mentally.

Break bad habbits for good.. Just ask anyone who has experienced it.

You'll achieve all whilst being surrounded by a team of like-minded people and guided by some of Australia's best Transformation Coaches & Trainers.

Its coming AGAIN!! Stay tuned for 2017 end of year DATES!

HERE'S WHAT YOU GET IN YOUR PACK (not to forget the results)

+ 30-Day Custom Nutrition Guidelines Booklet RRP $79

+ Step by Step Custom Nutrition Coaching & Support RRP $300

+ Ticket to The 30 Challenge Seminar by DPT RRP $120

+ 30-Day Challenge Recipe Book RRP $30

+ Shopping List & Printable Week Planners RRP $25

+ Access to our Online Support Group & Personal Mentoring RRP $350

+ 100's of Recipes & Printable Workout Schedule RRP $97

+ Body Measurements and Tracking RRP $99

+ The NEXT 90 Day Planner by Top Psychologist Alison Hill RRP $197

+ Complete Accountability, Support, Check-ins & Guidance.

YOU get over $1,073 worth of value packed into one powerful month not to mention the results you've been chasing for the price of a cup of coffee a day.



You will be guided through & in some cases have your perception of what you have been lead to believe is "healthy" turned upside down by one of Australia's Leading Transformational Change Specialist, Dave Pow Tabain.

Be prepared to have fun whilst being re-educated, motivated and inspired with how to achieve your best body and mind, step by step without unrealistic or unsustainable methods or fad diets, which you will never fall victim to again.

Get excited to break away from self-sabotaging eating habits and the self-limiting beliefs that we have all been guilty of letting settle into our lives at some point.

Our Onward Team alongside our special guest Speaker Dave Pow Tabain will be taking you through 5 of the Key principals... Here's just a sneak peak at 3 of them:

- What to EAT and why... for the results you want long term

- The way we THINK and why we do... eliminate what's holding you back from your full potential

- What to DO training wise and how to save time... get better results with the right approach



In ONE Month say Goodbye to:

· Non-Existent, or inconsistent energy levels (afternoon slumps) 

· Feeling disheartened with your general well-being 

· Being confused about what to eat to achieve your goals 

· Having a bloated stomach & want answers 

· Not knowing where to start in setting a better example for your children. Super important. 

· Feeling 'hazy' or unclear. Not Feeling it

· Being underweight/low muscle tone. Needing it 

· Conditions such as skin/digestive issues. Sick of it 

· Having a 'few too many', a bit too often. Knowing it... Drinking it 

· Aches and pains, not caused by injury/overuse. Feeling it 

· Having a hard time losing body fat, no matter how hard you try. Seeing it 

· That podge area around the midsection, even if slim elsewhere. Holding it. 

· Not knowing or tired of boring training programs that you're just not seeing a change in your body shape. Time to build it

If you can relate to ANY of these points, even though it may be daunting to make the decision to take on The EBF 30-Day Challenge. 

This Seminar and month long program is going to change your life in ways you'll truly love, feel & see.

Get ready to be a fitter, stronger, happier and healthier you! 



Nothing beats accountabily and the right system. It's time to train smart and stress less.

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