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Tathra Outdoor Group Fitness

 Monday      Tuesday    Wednesday    

    ----            6.15am         9.30am


 Thursday      Friday        Saturday    

  6.15am          ----               ----  




Any session time that is highlighted above in Blue is a Block - please see below for block details

6.15am TATHRA sessions are held opposite Tathra Pharmacy - Andy Poole Dr, Tathra.


***Register your Interest for the 930am TATHRA session- commencing soon

A FREE session is offered for the above Tathra Tuesday + Thursday sessions for people who live within a radius of 30km of Tathra.

For sessions listed above in this Tathra section, A $15 casual rate applies or alternatively you can purchase 10 sessions for $120.

 Bookings essential for all sessions. Please bring towel and water

Please note, we also offer Yoga in Tathra, Scroll down for yoga timetable.


Merimbula Outdoor Group Fitness including RUNFIT and Bod's w/ Bubs Block sessions.


 Monday      Tuesday               Wed    

  6.15am    6.15am yoga     6.15am 

    ----            9.30am           9.30am

  6.00pm     6.00pm            6.00pm



 Thursday      Friday        Saturday    

  6.15am       6.15am       7am Boxing

  9.30am       ----              9.30am 






Any session time that is highlighted above in Blue is a Block - please see below for block details

A FREE session is offered for the above Merimbula sessions  for people who live within a radius of 30km of Merimbula (Excluding Blocks) Bookings essential. Please bring towel and water.
For the sessions listed above in this Merimbula section. A $15 casual rate applies or if attending each week regularly, there are Direct Debit options available to cater for everyone.
These blocks are designed for you to stay accountable with your training and you'll also meet a tonne of liked minded people who have similar interests along the way. TLF Trainers are here to support, motivate and encourage you! Grab some friends, sign up and we can assure you that you wont be disappointed. See below for all details - Bookings are essential for all blocks, we know these will all fill up very fast so get in contact with TLF today to sign up

**Thursday 6.15am RunFit - Merimbula  - A weekly running session aimed at increasing your running STRENGTH and SPEED. These sessions are suitable for runners with a solid training base and who can run 5km.
We won't be running long distances in these sessions but rather we will be training your energy systems that will inevitably lead to improvements in your running strength, speed and VO2max.
You will learn tips and tricks that you can then incorporate into your own training schedule.
All running plans contain some form of strength session. These sessions are challenging and are aimed at taking you out of your comfort zone so that improvement can be achieved.
This is where the benefits of group training come in!
With support, encouragement, motivation and a bit of expertise, the group environment can see individuals achieve things that may surprise them.

There will be drills that will be repeated throughout the program (because they work) but the sessions will vary from week to week. Different meeting places- different challenges!
We will concentrate on "running specific" stretches and exercises at the end of each session.
Join in and experience the magic of what group training can do...accountability, great company, motivation, encouragement and CHALLENGE!!!
Become a better runner....
No one will be too slow!
No one will "hold the group up"!!
The old saying "If it doesn't challenge doesn't change you" is never truer than when it comes to running!!

If you have a goal race or if you just want to become a better runner then this program is for you. Thursdays at 6:15am 45-60 minute duration. Sessions will be led by Louise Loudon who is a Level 2 Recreational Running Coach.
SIGN UP for this 9 week program and watch the magic happen- 

Commencing Term 1, 2018

Please contact us directly for more information.

**Repair and Repair Wednesdays 9.30am Bods with Bub's TLF Buggy Bootcamp.Wednesday's at 9.30am in Merimbula with Sam.

Wednesdays 930am Ford Oval Merimbula

Commencing Term 1, 2018

Please contact us directly for more information. Aimed at new mums who have received their medical clearance but in saying this anyone with a buggy is welcome to attend.. Don't have your buggy and have a child free day- your welcome to attend casually too!

You can bring your baby along and we will incorporate your bub and the pram into a great workout for you, while you know your baby is safe, happy and right near you.. Best of all it's Outdoors- Here at TLF we believe we all spend far too much time indoors.

These sessions are a great opportunity to spend some time with other mums outdoors while feeling comfortable to work out with lots of mums in the same position as you, while most importantly nurturing you post baby body and getting it back to its best form!

Each session is always different and varied but you can expect to do anything from:
Cardio Workouts: To help you improve your fitness and burn fat
Strength / Weights Sessions: To help build lean muscle to shape your muscles and help with fat burning
Interval Sessions: A fantastic way to improve your cardiovascular fitness
Resistance band work: We use resistance to create tone and shape with your muscles
Core training: We show mums how to rebuild their bodies from the inside out
The most important thing to remember is that you are always able to see your baby and if you need to settle your bub you can do so in a comfortable environment.

You can lay on the mat you are working out on with your bub or sometimes they would prefer to be in your arms so we can give you an option to workout while holding your baby.

Remember, if you or your baby is having a bad day it doesn’t matter because every mum has been in the same situation. 

It's your time to empower yourself without the stress of worrying what you can do with your bub. 
During Holiday periods, our Merimbula timetable is extended featuring - Family + Kids, Yoga  (Tathra + Merimbula), Boxing, Zuu and Metafit.


Eden Outdoor Group Fitness 

 Monday 6.00pm Outdoor Group Fitness

 Wednesday 6.30 am Metapwr / 6pm Outdoor Group Fitness

 Friday 9.30am Group Fitness 

+ Eden Monday's 6pm with Tarryn
Duration - 45 mins per session
Outdoor fitness is a fun and action packed way to get fit, lose weight, tone your body, gain strength and improve co-ordination all at the same time. Best of all you get to meet amazing people who have similar interests along the way


Bookings essential. Please bring towel and water.


+630am Eden Wednesday's  Metapwr with Lou

This is a session not to be missed and runs from 6.30am- 7am- Trust us, it’s all you need....Metafit is a HIIT program, a fancy way of saying to train in bursts of short and all out intense activity followed by a period of lighter activity or rest.

4 more reasons to try this block-
Metafit HIIT workouts will boost metabolism, maintain lean muscle and ultimately burn fat. 

Metafit and Metapwr is challenging – Metafit and power offers seasoned clients a new challenge and beginners a quicker way to see results. You are constantly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, therefore, you can never get bored with the workout. Metafit is pure bodyweight and Metapwr uses ropes, slam balls and sandpacks



+9.30AM EDEN FRIDAY Group Fitness  with Sam 
Duration - 45 mins per session at Eden AFL Oval, Kids welcome to attend. 

 This session will be a mixture of all things fit, Abs, legs and arms as well as boxing at some sessions. Did you know Boxing is a complete workout for your cardiovascular system and endurance systems. We guarantee you will leave this session feeling fit and fabulous!

This session will engage all muscle groups for a total workout. When you are using so many muscle groups in one session you are generating greater energy consumption - which is great news... more calories are being burnt! 




Bega Outdoor Fitness

-Mondays 9.30am Bega
-Fridays 9.30am Bega 
A 45 minute session run by TLF Trainer Samantha Marris. This session is a mixture of bodyweight, boxing and strength based activities. Open to all fitness levels including new mums who have received their medical clearance. 


TLF Outdoor Yoga Merimbula + Tathra with Marika 


•TUESDAYS 6.15AM @ MERIMBULA- Locations including Fishpen, Short Point and Main Beach

Locations including Kianinny, Mogareeka and Tathra Beach

POP UP outdoor yoga sessions on weekends will also occur this spring/ summer in Merimbula, Tathra and Eden 

Bookings essential for all. 

$15 per casual class or block payments are to be made up front.

Bookings essential. Please bring yoga mat, towel and water.

Personal Training

 Personal training starts from $60.00 per 45 minutes training session, depending on how many sessions are required each week. Times and locations are flexible.

Small group personal training sessions are also available. This option is a great cost effective way for you and some friends to workout. Please contact Tarryn for more information. 

Children's Fitness  Outdoor including Teen Tribe Merimbula and Eden


Monday 4.30pm Eden   (TLF Teen Tribe- 13+ years)

Tuesday 4.15pm Spencer Park, Merimbula (TLF Teen Tribe- 13+ years)  

Wednesday        9.30am Spencer Park, Merimbula (3-5 years)

Thursday         4pm (5-12yrs) After School, Spencer Park, Merimbula

Prices for Children's Fitness are paid by the term. 

Bookings essential. Please wear enclosed shoes and bring water. Contact Tarryn for more information.


Medical Screening Forms

For all new Personal Training Clients and Group Fitness Clients including Boxing, Metafit / pwr, Bod's with Bubs, Runfit please click the link below to download the Tarryn Lucas Fitness Medical screening form. Fill this out and bring to your first session.


For Yoga sessions- please click the link below to download the Tarryn Lucas Fitness Yoga Medical Screening form. Fill this out and bring to your first session.


For Children's Fitness- please click the link below to download the Tarryn Lucas/ Dynamite Fitness Medical Screening form. Fill this out and bring to your first session.


If you require any more additional information, please contact Tarryn directly on 0421-989-433 or email Alternatively, hit the contact button on the top of the home page.
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