12pm Thursday Seniors Mobility and Stability Movement class.

If we get enough interest for this- we will commence it week of July 18th and run for 10 weeks. Session duration 45 minutes. Cost $140 for 10 weeks.

The more time we spend sitting down, the quicker we lose strength in the postural muscles that support us to stay upright. Hips become tighter, feet and ankles become weaker.

Have fun in a class that helps you stay upright and strong and defy the effects of work related sedentary living. Learn how to engage your core to support you through everyday tasks and give you the confidence to branch out and try something new. All classes are different so you can be assured that you will never get bored and that your body will benefit from learning new skills and exercises. The classes consist of gentle exercises for mobility, strength, coordination and balance. Breathing exercises and relaxation are included to improve wellbeing.


830am Friday Circuit Gym Class - Open to all on memberships and casuals welcomed. Session duration 45 minutes

Circuit training is a fantastic workout that’s great for everyone, regardless of fitness level. It incorporates a variety of exercises at separate stations and you can take part in small groups or individually, taking on each exercise at your own pace.

 You’re likely to begin with gentle cardio warm-up circuit to get you ready to go. Once you’re warmed up, you will complete a selection of total body training exercises. This circuit class will incorporate the use of our gym machines too.

 This class is a great way to help you get in shape, AND with the friendly nature of the class we can ensure you will come back for more.


9.30am Saturdays Barre Biit Circuit for Winter - 

Open to all on memberships and casuals welcomed. Session duration 45 minutes

BIIT stands for Barre Intensity Interval Training. Each move is picked on sequencing so that you get a spike in heart rate. 12 rounds of lifting and lowering for a well rounded interval training circuit. We will incorporate small hand weights only (and yes- trust us small weights, some of you won’t even need weights), step, bands and bodyweight. Minimal moves with still plenty of variety.

 We have our secret variation of timed intervals that you will experience and we promise this workout is for every BODY.

Organise a date with your fitness buddy and meet them at the Barre on Saturday at TLF.


Register your interest with Tarryn now via email or direct message 0421 989 433  /

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